Brand New

Welcome to the new! A lot has been happening here at Zimride Headquarters the last few weeks, this new site being one of them.

The new site allows rides to be posted from right here, and features a ride history on your profile page. The site is fully compatible with our facebook application, so you can use whichever you want and still have access to all the rides.

We’ve also added this blog. Keep your eyes tuned here for news from the carpool universe. However, we don’t want to jabber about ourselves all day. We would rather hear from you. Send us your ideas, stories from the road (adventures and misadventures), pictures, or anything else that piques your interest and we will forever anoint you a Zimride All-Star.

Most excitingly, over the next few weeks our COO John Zimmer is carpooling across the country on his way to Palo Alto. Carpool Across America ties together themes of rising gas prices, the power of social networks, and environmentally conscious business solutions from a young generation. By combining social carpooling (riding with friends) and fuel-efficient technology, we will showcase a viable solution to growing environmental and economic concerns. Stay tuned here for updates from the road!