Carpool Across America: Detroit, Chicago, Omaha

Cristina drives the Honda
Trevor films The Change We Seek while always thinking about Batman…

Sunday, July 20th:

Driving into downtown Chicago last night at 2am felt fantastic for reasons that go way beyond the obvious. Here are a few of the others in no particular order:

  1. We picked up Zimrider Simon from the Detroit Metro Airport and allowed him to save him a ton of money by not having to fly to Chicago. He in turn, gave us an Austin, Texas perspective with a London twist as he lives in the former and is from the latter.
  2. We finally went to the movies in Detroit to see The Dark Knight (INCREDIBLE!!) which was filmed in Chicago, making our arrival feel like we were actually in Gotham City. The overwhelming feeling that we were kind of in the movie actually prompted Trevor to accurately copy The Joker (RIP Heath Ledger whose electrifyingly scary performance def deserves a posthumous Oscar) and freak Margaret out.
  3. Whilst in Chicago aka Gotham City we will be going to Barack Obama’s National Headquarters which come to think of it feels a bit like Wayne Mansion/ The Dark Knight’s Batcave.

Cheers to the Chi, and getting back on the road to hit Omaha, Nebraska a little earlier than 2am…