Carpool Across America: Omaha, Denver

Monday, July 21

We left the Windy City yesterday in the late afternoon after Ben and Trevor finagled some incredible shots driving under Chicago’s El train. Using a camera mounted on the car’s hood, they were able to capture the essence of our daily activities (driving) and then make us check to make sure we had sufficient equipment insurance.

On the beach at Lake Michigan, we scooped up Zimrider Joe who was Couchsurfing for the week in Chicago. Couchsurfing offers travelers a free place to stay and like Zimride, creates trust between previously perfect strangers using online profile information and social networking platforms.

Joe is from Lincoln, NE and knew Iowa and Nebraska as well as our previous Zimrider Mike knew upstate NY. And so he expertly guided us to the World’s Largest Truck Stop on I80 in Iowa, complete with an arcade, movie theater, food court, etc. There, we interviewed truckers and fellow travelers on gas prices (some big a** trucks need about $1200 dollars worth of gas each time), the environment, and Change. Everyone spoke about Change.

We arrived in Omaha at 3am, under a mega dark, elongated cloud that Ben insisted was a tornado, and drove to the home of a good friend of Trevor. Jim was kind enough to put us up, and in the morning we met the with the Omaha Metro Rideshare planners who told us about carpooling solutions coming from local government.

We are now off to Denver to stay at a Marriott, for the third time in the trip as they are one of our fab sponsors, and in the morning we have an exclusive interview with them regarding their green initiatives.

Zimming down the road…