The Change We Seek: Denver, Moab, Las Vegas

Wednesday, July 23:

Denver was awesome: interviews with 1)Marriott, 2)a conservative young law student at University Colorado, and 3)a biodiesel dude. After hearing a corporate POV, we then heard from a 24 year old, politically conservative Tyler Martinez, who gave us a great flip-side opinion on the green debate. He believes in Change, but because he isn’t convinced of man-made Global Warming, he thinks people shouldn’t be told to make change, instead they should want to do it on their own.

On the way out of Denver on I70 we stopped by Golden, CO to meet Ryan from Blue Sun Biodiesel company cultivating agricultural oil for diesel energy. Just as Mr Diesel designed the diesel engine to run off peanut oil but was later beat out by cheaper petroleum oil, now that gas prices are so out of control, biodiesel is a cheaper and greener option. Also to note, as we were leaving, Ryan noted how tired we were and offered that we could stay at his house that night. A sincerely kind and generous offer, but we had to get to Utah.

We arrived at Moab by night, the drive there dramatic as hell. In the morning we stopped by Arches National Park, with its gorgeous rocky mountains of burnt orange and red, impressing us all.

Now we are off to Las Vegas, the complete opposite of this pristine natural wonder: an artificial man made spectacle for an evening of debauchery and fun. We are hoping to snag some great interviews with people on the strip and if they think about all of the energy use?