Commuter Challenge at Zimride!

As adults, we might document things like what we eat, our exercise, budgets and maybe an important lesson we learned throughout the day.  And heck, we might still write about the crush we have on the person at the coffee shop down the street.

But what about keeping track on how we commute everyday?

Well, people at two Zimride communities are doing just that.   Community members at George Mason University and at University of Maryland are going head-to-head in the first ever Zimride Commuter Challenge.  Starting September 22nd, they will be off to the races!  Ahem, no pun intended.

Zimriders can form and join teams, recruit others to join the Zimride community (because life is always better when you share the ride), and track how many miles they carpool.  By imputing a few more facts and stats, each individual can also see how much CO2 they offset by ridesharing.

The winner is determined on October 22nd by three factors: the number of people who use the commute calendar (aka, Commuter Diary), the number of new Zimride users gained and the total amount of CO2 reduced.

What will the winner win, you ask?  A VERY fancy trophy.  Something along the lines of what you see at the right, but we have recruited a trophy designer that is working on it.  Yeah, we know your jealous.

If you want to hear more about how to get a Commuter Challenge at your school, email us at