The Zimride Advantage

This week’s BCS National Championship game concludes another year of college football bowls (don’t worry, this isn’t another BCS opinion entry).  There were upsets, heartbreaks, close-calls, and blowouts.  While the games can be hard to predict, hindsight can offer interesting statistics.  The advantage that no one saw coming: Zimride!

Schools that partner with Zimride finished the bowl season 6-1!  This year, bowl victories were celebrated at Stanford, USF,  San Diego St, UCF, UW and UNC (sorry Michigan, we can only do so much).  Two games pitted Zimride schools against each other, so they simply cancelled each other out – props to UMD and NC State on the wins.  Zimride can’t claim credit on any direct impact that we had on games, but it raises some interesting questions about fan support at neutral locations.

There’s no doubt that the home field advantage makes a difference.  Some credit the psychology of the experience for players, but when crowd noise forces the visiting team to take a timeout, it can change the outcome in a close game.  Zimride allows users to post rides to games and be matched up with other people going the same way.  As gas prices creep higher, many college students will be priced out of traveling to upcoming sporting events.  The costs of driving alone or purchasing a bus ticket simply outweigh the benefits of the trip.  When a student fills his empty seats on a trip they intended to take anyways, they incur no costs and are often paid gas money.  Rarely is there a price dispute, because the passenger is getting the deal of a lifetime compared to what they would pay on a crowded bus, making frequent stops along the way.

This is bigger than carpooling.  A recent post on Twitter said, “ Zimride is amazing. I got a ride to airport at 10x lower cost than cab with nicer car and fun chat. The world is getting better and better..”

We can’t promise that your team will win, but when you’re driving to a sporting event, consider taking other fans with you.  Zimride’s Event feature makes it even easier to organize fans going the same way – check out VCU’s basketball page.  A few extra voices in the crowd might be just what your team needs to create that home field advantage.