American Road Trip (and commute) Reborn with Zimride

Today marks the day 100 million miles have been traveled among users in the Zimride network. This massive milestone demonstrates the beginning of a reborn American road trip and commute. This comes at a time when AAA is reporting a decrease in July 4th travel due to high gas prices. Consumers are looking for easy ways to cut down their gas costs and sharing the ride is the simplest ways reduce this expense. Over the last 3 years, Zimride drivers and passengers have saved $50 million in vehicle operating expenses.

The 100 millionth mile was driven by Lauren Vargas, a student at UCSC on her way to Los Angeles. Zimride is awarding Lauren free gas money for the month of July. We notified Lauren today over the phone and she told us, “I’ve had 8 really great Zimride experiences getting paid more than $600 driving down to LA and back to school. In fact, the cost effectiveness made it possible for me to maintain a relationship in LA. Additionally, I re-connected with a friend from middle school and now hang out with him on a regular basis thanks to our Zimride!”

Today we are also excited to announce our 100th client network. Zimride networks now include all 10 schools in the University of California system, Stanford, Harvard, Facebook and Intuit. These milestones brings us one step closer to creating a nationwide marketplace for drivers to monetize the empty seats in their vehicles by selling them to passengers who are traveling along the same route. Check out the sweet infographic below that our designer Marc put together to celebrate the occasion.

Here are a few more details on the recent milestones:

  • 100 clients / networks
  • 100 million miles shared
  • $50 million in vehicle operating expenses
  • 26,706 carpools formed
    • 44% are commutes that result in an avg. of 200 daily round trips
    • 56% are long distance trips that average 175 miles each way
  • Zimride has also partnered with several artists including Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews Band and Sheryl Crow to provide ridesharing to their events

To join our team in creating a transportation revolution, check out our jobs page and drop us a line.

A variation of this post was also featured on TechCrunch Friday, July 1.

Zimride 100 Infographic

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