Zimride to CrunchUp and Summer Party at August Capital

Dave McClure

Today not only are we excited to launch our first public route (SF to LA) and a redesigned homepage, we are also announcing a free rideshare service for TechCrunch’s CrunchUp and Summer Party at August Capital. Anyone who has attended the party in the past knows that parking can be pretty crazy. So we setup two custom event pages so you share the ride with attendees here:

Entrepreneurs: Post your ride and tweet #pitchVCzimride to win a chance to “pitch and Zimride” with 1 of the following: Dave McClure (500 Startups), Ann Miura-Ko (FLOODGATE), Manu Kumar (K9 Ventures), Raj Kapoor (Mayfield Fund) and Kent Goldman (First Round Capital).

Inspired by Dave McClure’s use of entrepreneurs to get free rides to the airport, we wanted to extend this type of opportunity to the TechCrunch community. We will review best tweets and enter you to win!

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