Calling all Burners: Zimride to the playa

Burning Man

Every year, tens of thousands of adventurous souls travel near and far to converge on the playa, Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, for the annual Burning Man festival. Due to high ridesharing demands, Craigslist’s rideshare section typically sees hundreds of Burning Man posts. But this year, Burners will have another way of getting there.

Zimride has developed an easier way for attendees who are offering or needing a ride to share their ride to the festival. Simply post your ride and see a list of Burners taking the same route. Unlike Craigslist, Zimride allows you to see profiles, pictures and music preferences before sharing the ride (or RV).

Like Burning Man, Zimride was founded with a focus on community. We believe communities are built on the shoulders of shared experiences, and we’ve set out to create a new form of transportation that’s built from the ground up with community participation.

If you’re heading to the playa and need a lift, we’ve got you covered.

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