Zimride Blog 2.0

Welcome to the new and improved Zimride blog! Thanks to a growing Zimride community, an expanding Zimride team, and a generous round of funding, we’ve been inspired to give the Zimride Blog a makeover.

The Zimride mission is to make lives better through sharing, which is why we want to make the Zimride Blog all about the stories and adventures you’ve shared with us as part of the Zimride community.

But sharing is not a one way street. So we want to offer our stories in return and invite you to get to know more about the Zimride crew and what we’ve been up to. In fact, we’d like to begin this exchange right now by introducing one of our newest members of the Zimride Team:

Meet Jay

Jay recently moved up from Los Angeles to be the Community Manager at Zimride. He’s always wanted a chance to explore a new city and feels really lucky to get to make San Francisco his new home.  He’s also excited to be a part of such a cool and diverse team of young startupers and looks forward to helping Zimride grow it’s community.

Before Zimride, Jay didn’t know much about ridesharing, but since moving to SF, he now uses Zimride all the time to share a ride back to LA to hang with friends and family. Feel free to contact Jay if you have any questions about Zimride, or any recommendations of road trips he can take in and around SF at support@zimride.com .

Have a story to share? Email it to us at community@zimride.com

-Your Zimride Crew