Stories from the Road – How Julianna Got Her Groove Back

“Using Zimride from LA to SF made what could have been an awful trip into what was one of my best 5 hour drives. I had just broken up with my boyfriend and the last thing I needed was to be alone with my thoughts. I drove this super fun and outgoing couple, and they made time fly so quickly, I didn’t even think of my ex once! Not to mention, I got paid $70 for 5 hours of good conversations and laughs for a drive I would have had to do anyways. And that doesn’t even count the $20 bonus Zimride gave me for being a first time driver. Woo! Now I can go buy a sexy new dress that will make my ex kick himself for being so dumb 🙂 Thank you, Zimride!!”

Thank you Julianna for being our first Zimride Story from the Road! If you have a story you want to share, please send your Zimride Story from the Road !

– Your Zimride Crew

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