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We know that celebrating the winter holidays can be hectic, which is why we are extremely grateful for all the Zimride drivers across the country who zimrode their passengers to join their loved ones this holiday weekend. This week’s Story from the Road  is from Jane who zimrides to see her husband:

My husband lives in SF while I live in LA, so I’ve been flying back and forth to see him. Tired of the cost for my husband and I to continue flying to see each other, I typed in “carpooling to SF” on Google. Zimride caught my eyes and I decided to try it as a surprise because it only cost me $60 round trip instead of the usual $170 if I flew one way! The trip was amazing and all the zimriders I road with were really nice.

We were both so happy with Zimride that my husband was convinced to post his ride up to SF! Thank you Zimride! We will be fans of you guys for a long time 🙂

A big thank you to Jane and her husband Doug for their Zimride Story from the Road. If you have a story you want to share, please send it to!

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