Stories from the Road – It’s a Small World After All

Meet Eva. She’s a student at Washington State University. She sent us an incredible story about her first experience using Zimride and the moment she realized it really is a small world after all.

I posted on Zimride because I needed a ride from Pullman, WA to the Spokane Airport to fly home to California for Thanksgiving Break. A University of Idaho student named Ethan responded and drove me and another young woman to the airport.

On the ride to Spokane, Ethan and I got to talking. It turns out he is from a town about an hour away from my hometown in California, and he was headed to the airport to pick up his dad. We were talking about the differences between California, Washington, and Idaho, and I told him that my grandparents have a cabin in Idaho.

Turns out that Ethan had spent the summer backpacking around there with some friends. I was supposed to go with my family over the summer, but had to work while the rest of my family went up. Ethan started to tell me about how he and his friends ran out of food and decided to hitchhike back to their cars.

I smiled and said to him, “if my grandpa had seen you, he would have picked you up because he has an affinity for hitchhikers and loves hearing their stories.” When Ethan started to describe the nice man that picked them up, I was shocked. It turns out, the man who was kind enough to give them a ride WAS my grandpa. In fact, my grandpa brought Ethan and his friends back to our cabin for dinner and they met my whole family. After hearing this, I immediately called my grandpa and he was astonished and delighted to hear who I was sitting next to.

Thank you Eva for sharing your amazing story! Your Zimride experience is the kind that inspires us to grow the Zimride community to help make the world more connected.

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-Your Zimride Crew

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