Stories from the Road – Pay It Forward

It’s no secret that posting your seats on Zimride can earn you a few extra bucks. It may not buy you a trip to Spain, but it can go further than you think. Meet Helen and Sarah. These two SF natives showed us how Zimriders take the extra step in spreading good will.

We made some good money by using Zimride to sell seats to our trip to Yosemite and cashed in on the friend referral and the route bonus programs. While it was nice to have extra money, we both realized that we didn’t really need it. Ridesharing introduced us to the world of Collaborative Consumption which inspired us to take action with our extra funds.

We started the Share to Care project with a mission to share the things we own to benefit others. With the extra cash, we buy nutritious, non-perishable food and assemble packets to hand out to the homeless in San Francisco.

Be warned, this type of generosity can be infectious. For example, on a Zimride from LA, Helen talked about Share to Care with her driver who ended up donating her Zimride route bonus to the project. You too can get involved by Zimriding and donating your proceeds.

To learn more, visit their website or email these awesome ladies at

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-Your Zimride Crew