The Zimride Crew’s Favorite Advice from Mom

Here at Zimride, we’re all about sharing…whether we’re sharing the seats in our cars or sharing our lunches every day at the office. To celebrate Mother’s Day, we asked the Zimride Crew to share their favorite advice from Mom, the woman who first taught us how to share.

Erin, Communication Manager: “Different strokes for different folks.” It’s a funny phrase that means always keep an open mind when meeting new people, and appreciate their differences from you!

Adam, Director of Marketing: “Follow your heart and everything will turn out right.”

Paul, Account Manager: My mom once told me with a smile, “You get the kids you deserve.” She meant it proverbially, but also as a compliment. It also happens to be profound wisdom from a woman with five children.

Jay, Community Manager: My mom is an amazing cook and she always told me to live your life the way you cook. Always try new things, and most importantly, share it with the ones you love the most.

Femi, Software Engineer: One piece of advice my mom always gave was to pray about where we were going and not rush into things without finding peace first

Nasim, Executive Assistant: The best advice my mom gave me was to always believe in myself and stand up for my rights. Growing up in Iran as a teenager was tough. Women were viewed less than men, but because of the advice my mom gave me I never felt inferior, instead I felt even more powerful!

Thank you to all those amazing mothers out there!

Happy Mother’s Day,

The Zimride Crew