Responsiveness Scores Are Here!

Have you been looking for a ride and wondered how long your fellow Zimrider might take to get back to you? We know you do, because you told us. Soon, you’ll have a pretty good idea. Based on that feedback, we’ve developed the new Zimride responsiveness scores, coming soon to all Zimride profiles.

Since making contact is a key step in planning your ride, you’ll now know what to expect when you reach out to a fellow Zimrider. With these magical new profile scores, you can instantly see how often a driver or passenger responds to messages, and how quickly they typically respond — whether it’s a few minutes or a few hours.

Reply Rate
What percent of messages or bookings a Zimrider replies to.

Reply Time (avg)
How quickly a person typically responds to a message or booking.

You’ll also have your own score! Be sure to respond to your messages on Zimride as soon as possible, in order to maintain a high response time and rate. These public profile scores will help improve responsiveness in the community overall – so other Zimriders will be more likely to get back to you faster, too.

If you’ve been so-so about responding to messages in the past, never fear…our new scoring system starts off with a clean slate for everyone, so now is time to step your game up! We’ll be showing your average response time in minutes, and the percentage of messages or bookings you’ve replied to.

We hope the new responsiveness scores are helpful … remember, faster responses make planning travel even easier!

Your Zimride Crew