Zimride’s DC to NYC Road Trip

Bernstein or Jay Z? It doesn’t matter which version of New York you love because the city that never sleeps and has the best of everything just got a lot better.

This week, we launched our first public East Coast route between DC and NY. This new route gives more drivers and passengers the ability to save money, meet new friends, and decrease the number of cars on the road. You can now use Zimride to get between DC and NY for half the cost of a train ticket. Half!

Ready for a road trip to the Big Apple? Visit our favorites stops along the route to see what you’ve been missing on all those planes and train trips.

Baltimore, Maryland
– Fan of The Wire? Check out the real Baltimore by driving the “Wire Tour”.

– Between Wilmington and Baltimore is a fun and beautiful town on the Susquehanna River called Havre de Grace . Lots of cool shops, restaurants and ice cream places.

– Get cultured! The National Aquarium, the American Vistionary Art Museum, and the National Cryptologic Museum are all located in Baltimore.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
– If you’re up for a slight detour through Philly (95 runs through it, but the Turnpike does not), 95 takes you RIGHT past Independence Hall, the National Constitution Center, the US Mint (reservations req’d, call your representative in congress) and the South Philadelphia Sports Complex , where the 76ers, Phillies, Flyers and Eagles all play their games.

Princeton, New Jersey
Princeton University is about 20 minutes off of 95. It’s a beautiful campus and the set of many great movies.

– Not ready for the Jersey Shore? Consider bringing your appetite instead — they have the highest rate of diners per capita so a stop is a must. Here’s a famous one right off I-95.

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Happy travels,

Your Zimride Crew