Zimride Stories from the Road: Snow Buddies

In San Francisco, we like rain in the winter time. Why? Because it means snow in Lake Tahoe. We’ve seen thousands of Zimriders head up to Tahoe to enjoy the fresh pow pow (that’s “powder” for those who have never seen snow) since we launched the San Francisco to Tahoe Route last year. With so many fun stories to share we had no choice but to share more than one story from the road to Tahoe!

Katie – Destination: Truckee

The experience was not only convenient, but I met a couple of great people along the way. My passengers Richard and Ally and I had a very pleasant drive up to the mountains. They were both super nice, brought snacks, and chatted the entire way. Zimride was a much better way to travel than driving solo on a Friday night because I had company and it paid for my trip. 

Elay  Destination: Tahoe Snowcial

This was both mine and my passenger Ben’s first Zimride experience and it was truly great. I got to know a great person and enjoyed a long ride of great conversation. By the end I had made a new friend.

It was my first time driving through a snow storm and Ben was tremendously helpful and supportive the entire way. Nothing like a little blizzard to bring two Zimriders together!

Gregg – Destinations: Alpine, Squaw, and Northstar (oh my!)

The Tahoe route is interesting because there is a huge community of people that make this trip weekly. It seems wasteful and somewhat unnecessary in this day and age to have so many cars driving up a giant mountain with one or two people in them. I don’t own a car but I’ve been renting a car once or twice a month when I go to Tahoe and have been posting my ride on Zimride. It’s a great way to pay for your car rental!

On our first Zimride, my girlfriend Lisa and I found two passengers who were both great and very friendly. We made it up the mountain in great time and we were able to save cash thanks to Zimride.

James  Destination: Heavenly

My best experiences with Zimride have been making new friends—which happens just about every time. On my last Zimride after riding in the car together we skied together!

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See you at the slopes and happy travels,

Your Zimride Crew

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