Zoom into a Greener 2013


Zimride fan Rob shares small ways to change your driving habits to make a big impact on the environment.

1. Reduce your driving time

Being trapped on the road isn’t fun for your sanity or wallet, which is why it’s important to decrease the amount of time you’re driving. Explore alternate routes that can help you avoid gridlock by utilizing your GPS.

Try experimenting by leaving earlier or later to avoid traffic if you’re flexible on time.

2. De-stress your car

Extra weight within and on top of your car reduces its aerodynamic qualities, which results in your car using more fuel. Make sure to clear out clutter from your car and consider removing your roof racks if you’re not using them.

Don’t forget to maintain your car regularly, which includes checking your air filters and tire pressure, as they can also slow down your vehicle.

3. Swap out your vehicle

If you’re in the market for a new car, consider investing in a hybrid vehicle, which use an electric motor or battery alongside an engine, or a fully electric car that produces zero CO2 emissions.

Examples include the Lexus Hybrid CT, the Mitsubishi i-MIEV, and the Nissan Leaf, as well as standard low-CO2 cars like the Mini Cooper or the Prius.

4. Carpool

Sharing a ride is the simplest way to reduce your carbon footprint when driving. 80% of all vehicles in the US are occupied by only one person, which adds up to a lot of empty seats. Look into commuting for school or work as a way to save on gas money and meet new friends.

Thanks for the great tips Rob!

Happy 2013!

Your Zimride Crew

Rob James is a mechanic and kit car enthusiast, his favourite car is BMW 3 series. He recommends you check out your local the Cooper BMW dealers and pick up one of these iconic motors! Rob likes to blog about kit cars, general maintenance, and enthusiast rallies.

Zimride Tips: Labor Day Road Trips 101

With Monday as a holiday, it’s the perfect time to break away from your routine and
go on a weekend road trip. No need to plan ahead…with our handy guide, you can
choose your own adventure along the way. Here are a few easy tips for a smooth
ride once you’ve hit the highway.

Don’t Break Your Budget
Even with falling gas prices this summer, fueling up will still make a dent in your
wallet. Plan ahead for what you’ll spend on gas using AAA’s simple Fuel Cost Calculator, which provides an estimate based on your travel destination and vehicle model.

Manage Your Munchies
Food options on the road are usually a toss up between fast food places and
convenience stores (avoid vending machine egg salad sandwiches). Break up the trip by finding something that’s served on a plate. RoadFood lists recommended roadside eateries from their community of travelers.

Beat Boredom
Relying on the radio alone can leave your car with mariachi or gospel songs for
miles on end. A Spotify account allows you to keep track of all your favorite playlists offline for those spontaneous sing-alongs on the road.

Once you’re tired of tunes, change things up with an audiobook. If you’ve been
eyeing Game of Thrones or Fifty Shades of Grey, this is the perfect time to catch up
on your summer reading. You can find audiobooks in most online marketplaces, or for a cheaper alternative, try your local public library.

Avoid Getting Lost
Your smartphone or GPS is a foolproof way to navigate your way to your destination.
However, these require a signal, which can frequently lose connection on the highway. Avoid learning this the hard way (we’ve been there!) by having a Thomas Guide handy in the car…you’ll thank us later.

Whether you’re traveling with friends or meeting new ones through Zimride, it’s
always better to share the ride. Besides the good company, you’ll have an extra pair
of hands to help navigate, find food stops and pitch in for gas. Safe travels and have
a great Labor Day weekend!

Your Zimride Crew

Zimride’s DC to NYC Road Trip

Bernstein or Jay Z? It doesn’t matter which version of New York you love because the city that never sleeps and has the best of everything just got a lot better.

This week, we launched our first public East Coast route between DC and NY. This new route gives more drivers and passengers the ability to save money, meet new friends, and decrease the number of cars on the road. You can now use Zimride to get between DC and NY for half the cost of a train ticket. Half!

Ready for a road trip to the Big Apple? Visit our favorites stops along the route to see what you’ve been missing on all those planes and train trips.

Baltimore, Maryland
– Fan of The Wire? Check out the real Baltimore by driving the “Wire Tour”.

– Between Wilmington and Baltimore is a fun and beautiful town on the Susquehanna River called Havre de Grace . Lots of cool shops, restaurants and ice cream places.

– Get cultured! The National Aquarium, the American Vistionary Art Museum, and the National Cryptologic Museum are all located in Baltimore.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
– If you’re up for a slight detour through Philly (95 runs through it, but the Turnpike does not), 95 takes you RIGHT past Independence Hall, the National Constitution Center, the US Mint (reservations req’d, call your representative in congress) and the South Philadelphia Sports Complex , where the 76ers, Phillies, Flyers and Eagles all play their games.

Princeton, New Jersey
Princeton University is about 20 minutes off of 95. It’s a beautiful campus and the set of many great movies.

– Not ready for the Jersey Shore? Consider bringing your appetite instead — they have the highest rate of diners per capita so a stop is a must. Here’s a famous one right off I-95.

Have any recommendations you’d like to share with us? Tell us on Facebook!

Happy travels,

Your Zimride Crew

What Zimride Drivers Want

Ever wish you had the ability to read minds? You don’t need a crystal ball to know communication is key for having a fantastic road trip. But what else are Zimride drivers looking for in prospective passengers? We used our ridesharing superpowers to tap into the innermost desires of our Zimride drivers…here’s what they had to say about finding that perfect match.

Share the specifics
Zimride driver posts always show time availability and specific destinations, so it’s the passenger’s responsibility to make sure that their plans match. For example, Mohammed recommends passengers “be direct and honest about where you need to be picked up and dropped off. Stay within the schedule that the driver posts and be honest about how much luggage you have.”

Stick to the schedule
We all know how annoying it can be when that friend is always late. Well, the same goes with the Zimride community. Once the times are confirmed, do your best to be on time. Of course, sometimes a delay is unavoidable, which is why it’s important to keep your driver’s contact information handy. Jian asks you to “call me if there are any delays or if plans change as soon as possible.”

Security in the system
The Zimride community relies on trust. Through Facebook-enabled profiles, recommendations and reviews, both drivers and passengers can learn as much as possible about one another beforehand. Kate always looks to see if passengers have “credible positive feedback and have an active Facebook account.” Not having a developed profile and profile photo can easily dissuade drivers from accepting your booking request. If you’re new to Zimride, you can easily ask your friends to vouch for you  using the recommendations feature.

Another important security feature is the online booking system. Drivers can ensure they receive payment for the ride when the trip is booked ahead of time using Zimride’s simple booking process. Even better, there’s no need to handle an awkward cash transaction once in the car – just sit back, and enjoy the ride. Stay tuned for more tips from the road!

Next time, passengers will share what makes for an awesome Zimride driver.

Happy Travels,
Your Zimride Crew

Zimride’s Top 10 Road Trip Movies

Happy Memorial Day weekend, Zimriders! With summer around the corner and a holiday on Monday, this weekend is perfect for a road trip. San Diego, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Los Angeles are just a few of the awesome driving destinations this weekend on Zimride.

To toast Memorial Day weekend we bring you our Top 10 Road Trip Movies* of all time. Enjoy and safe (+shared) travels!

  1. Planes, Trains & Automobiles – John Candy and Steve Martin in a John Hughes film…enough said.
  2. Rain Man – On a Zimride with Charlie Babbitt, pit stops to catch Judge Wapner on People’s Court are a must.
  3. Little Miss Sunshine – This family flick is just as funny as it is heartfelt.
  4. Thelma & Louise – Female bonding at its finest.
  5. Sideways – After Miles famously refused to drink merlot, U.S. sales of the varietal actually dropped.
  6. Easy Rider – Don’t miss the soundtrack in this classic biker movie. R.I.P. Dennis Hopper.
  7. Dumb & Dumber – “We got no food, no jobs…our pets’ heads are falling off!”
  8. The Motorcycle DiariesA young Che Guevara hits the road on his motocicleta.
  9. Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas – Hunter S. Thompson’s psychedelic desert trek to find the American Dream.
  10. Cars – We love a good Pixar film…especially one with talking Cars!

Rain Man Road Trip

Happy Road Trippin!

The Zimride Crew

*Top 10 Road Trip movies not titled “Road Trip.” (Although we love that one, it’s a little too easy.)

All photos courtesy of MGM. They make awesome movies!