East Coast Launch and 100 Million Dollars Saved

With 200 million miles shared on the Zimride platform, it’s safe to say that
ridesharing is well on its way to becoming a mainstream form of transportation.
Since our 2007 launch, Zimride has grown steadily hitting our 100 million miles
shared milestone last July. One year later, thanks to the Zimride community, we’re proud to announce that we’ve doubled that mark and have passed 200 million miles shared. That’s the equivalent of driving around the world 8,000 times…but more importantly, that’s a savings of over $100 million in car expenses.

Along with this milestone, we’re excited to bring Zimride to the East
Coast, beginning with yesterday’s launch of the New York to Washington DC route.  Just one day later, there are already hundreds of rides posted by new Zimriders.

Thanks to the Zimride community of drivers and passengers for making this launch and milestone possible!

Zimride – April Fool’s Launch

Since founding Zimride in 2007 we have focused on improving transportation options by building a social rideshare community. We knew that eventually we’d have to expand our focus and move beyond cars. Around the same time that Zimride was born we also created another ridesharing platform, but since we were so focused on Zimride we decided to hold off on launching it. Due to changes in the economy and the general shift toward alternative forms of transportation we believe that now is the ideal time to launch our newest product: Zimbike.

You may have heard of bike sharing projects in Portland, D.C. and even Paris. Community bikesharing is a great way to get more people biking, but we believe that there is still substantial room for improvement. On an average ride, over 80% of the bike goes un-used by a solo biker and tandem bikes are too large for commuters in crowded cities. Today, we’re proud to introduce Zimbike—a revolutionary new way to save money, make friends, and share the ride.

Check out our launch video and help us spread the word.

Life is better when you share the ride.

– Logan & John

When East Meets West

The Kenan-Flager Business School at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill created an interactive infographic that compares the tech communities in San Francisco’s Silicon Valley and New York’s “Silicon Alley”. While the creators state that there’s “no shortage of debates in the blogosphere as to whether one coast has the advantage over the other”, we at Zimride can gladly say that co-habitation between both worlds can exist! Our co-founders, John Zimmer (East Coast native) and Logan Green (West Coast native), have been working together in Northern California since 2007 to develop the future of ridesharing.

Silicon Valley & Alley - MBA@UNC
Via MBA@UNC: Online MBA

And the Winner Is…

iPad - Zimride Style
…Jenn, a college student from Appalachian State University! Jenn was kind enough to share with us why she started using Zimride:

I live 6 hours away from school so I thought it’d be a cool way to meet people and give them a ride if they needed one since it’s such a long drive. And being able to have people help with gas saves everyone in the long run because for me it’s $100 minimum one way.

Thanks to all of you who participated in the Zimride Thanksgiving contest for a free iPad! We had an amazing response with over 16,000 rides posted between Oct. 15th and Thanksgiving. Special thanks to the Zimride driver community for helping thousands of passengers get home to celebrate Thanksgiving with their friends and family.

Zimride Blog 2.0

Welcome to the new and improved Zimride blog! Thanks to a growing Zimride community, an expanding Zimride team, and a generous round of funding, we’ve been inspired to give the Zimride Blog a makeover.

The Zimride mission is to make lives better through sharing, which is why we want to make the Zimride Blog all about the stories and adventures you’ve shared with us as part of the Zimride community.

But sharing is not a one way street. So we want to offer our stories in return and invite you to get to know more about the Zimride crew and what we’ve been up to. In fact, we’d like to begin this exchange right now by introducing one of our newest members of the Zimride Team:

Meet Jay

Jay recently moved up from Los Angeles to be the Community Manager at Zimride. He’s always wanted a chance to explore a new city and feels really lucky to get to make San Francisco his new home.  He’s also excited to be a part of such a cool and diverse team of young startupers and looks forward to helping Zimride grow it’s community.

Before Zimride, Jay didn’t know much about ridesharing, but since moving to SF, he now uses Zimride all the time to share a ride back to LA to hang with friends and family. Feel free to contact Jay if you have any questions about Zimride, or any recommendations of road trips he can take in and around SF at support@zimride.com .

Have a story to share? Email it to us at community@zimride.com

-Your Zimride Crew