Partner Showcase – Associated Students of Stanford University

Eileen is a Zimride administrator at Stanford University. The Associated Students of Stanford University (ASSU) implemented the Zimride Shuttle Program at Stanford this year to make transportation for students more convenient and affordable. Check out what she has to say about Zimride:

A couple of years ago, we had a shuttle service for students going to the airport, but we found the service to be expensive and generally unsustainable.

This year, we decided to use Zimride because the interface was super user-friendly and efficient. It’s so easy because of the exportable rosters, detailed maps, and instructions which are essential features to effectively address a huge number of students, especially during peak travel times like winter break.

Students have also been saying that they enjoy Zimride because of it’s well-designed interface and helpful features, such as the quick and secure payment system. The system makes it clear how many rides are left on shuttles, which makes it easier for students and the administrators to coordinate shuttles.

Thank you Eileen for your feedback! We love that you’re able to make students lives better through Zimride.

-Your Zimride Crew