Zimride Stories from the Road: Snow Buddies

In San Francisco, we like rain in the winter time. Why? Because it means snow in Lake Tahoe. We’ve seen thousands of Zimriders head up to Tahoe to enjoy the fresh pow pow (that’s “powder” for those who have never seen snow) since we launched the San Francisco to Tahoe Route last year. With so many fun stories to share we had no choice but to share more than one story from the road to Tahoe!

Katie – Destination: Truckee

The experience was not only convenient, but I met a couple of great people along the way. My passengers Richard and Ally and I had a very pleasant drive up to the mountains. They were both super nice, brought snacks, and chatted the entire way. Zimride was a much better way to travel than driving solo on a Friday night because I had company and it paid for my trip. 

Elay  Destination: Tahoe Snowcial

This was both mine and my passenger Ben’s first Zimride experience and it was truly great. I got to know a great person and enjoyed a long ride of great conversation. By the end I had made a new friend.

It was my first time driving through a snow storm and Ben was tremendously helpful and supportive the entire way. Nothing like a little blizzard to bring two Zimriders together!

Gregg – Destinations: Alpine, Squaw, and Northstar (oh my!)

The Tahoe route is interesting because there is a huge community of people that make this trip weekly. It seems wasteful and somewhat unnecessary in this day and age to have so many cars driving up a giant mountain with one or two people in them. I don’t own a car but I’ve been renting a car once or twice a month when I go to Tahoe and have been posting my ride on Zimride. It’s a great way to pay for your car rental!

On our first Zimride, my girlfriend Lisa and I found two passengers who were both great and very friendly. We made it up the mountain in great time and we were able to save cash thanks to Zimride.

James  Destination: Heavenly

My best experiences with Zimride have been making new friends—which happens just about every time. On my last Zimride after riding in the car together we skied together!

To celebrate the kickoff of winter, post your trip to Tahoe by next Wednesday at midnight* and be automatically entered to win a pair of lift tickets!

See you at the slopes and happy travels,

Your Zimride Crew

*Zimride “Post a Ride to the Slopes” Sweepstakes official rules

Stories from the Road: Summer Event Recap

Summers are nothing without the never ending flow of music concerts and festivals all across the country. We’ve helped hundreds of of Zimriders travel thousands of miles through our event partners this year!

To officially say “sayonara” to Summer 2012 here are some of our favorite stories from Zimride’s amazing community:

Bonnaroo 2012 – Madeline H and Sarah C

Zimride turned out to be a great decision! Sarah and I were both apprehensive about riding with a stranger but she was extremely flexible about when we left! After an hour or two on the road, we discovered we had a lot in common and got along great! I’m sure we’re going to stay in touch in the future, and she may even come visit me in CA!

I decided to Zimride because it was cheap, easy, and the most direct way to get to Bonnaroo from Indiana. Thank you Zimride!

Coachella 2012 – Amanda T, Allen R, and Josh A

I loved our experience and look forward to another trip to meet plenty of others! It all started when my bestie and I decided on renting a car to camp in at Coachella. I heard from another friend who has used Zimride plenty times and I thought I’d look into it. I was a little skeptical at first but when I realized I could see profiles of the others I was okay with it. Little did I know the passenger we ended up taking was AWESOME!

Bright and early the day of our trip, I arrived at the train station to meet my ride buddy, Allan! Dressed to the TEE in coachella attire, bandana and heart shaped glasses required! Of course we hit it off right away! For the next 9+ hours Allan and my family friend, Josh, talked NON-STOP about music, all music, anything to do with music and entertained us with the delights of multiple Anchorman/Will Ferrell songs.

Although Allan had other arrangements once we got there, we still kept in touch throughout the event and met up a few times. I’m counting down the days till I get to hit up the Haight with my new love Allan! Can not complain about anything and glad I made an awesometabulous new friend!!

Thanks Zimride. You will def be recomended and used again!!!

Major thanks to everyone who shared their stories with us over the summer! If you have a story that you want to share, please send your Zimride story from the road to community@zimride.com!

Happy Travels,
Your Zimride Crew

Stories from the Road: Using Zimride and RelayRides Together

Today’s Stories from the Road is from Zimrider Christa who shared her ZelayRide (Zimride + RelayRides) adventure on her blog. Please stay tuned to her blog and twitter for all her stories.

Father’s Day was coming up on my calendar and I knew that meant it was time to take a trip down to the Central Coast to visit my dad. I’ve been making trips like these every couple of months or so, and a while back I decided to try RelayRides as my mode of transportation.

During my first trip with RelayRides, I borrowed Caterina’s Prius, which had great gas mileage and drove very smoothly. Immediately I felt like I was doing something good for the environment by driving a Prius and borrowing a car from a neighbor rather than a rental company. But after attending a Collaborative Chats panel on car and ride-sharing, I knew I could take it a step further by using a ride-sharing service in conjunction with borrowing a car.

Enter my Zimride/RelayRides experiment. If you haven’t heard of Zimride, it’s a social network for matching individuals who have similar travel destinations and need a ride or are able to give a ride.

To list a ride, I signed up with my Facebook account, entered in where I was going, how much I would like to be paid, and a small description, and waited for the matches to pile in my inbox. I was surprised at how few matches I received in the first week, but by the time my ride came around, Zimride had matched someone to ride with me on the way down and two people to ride with me on my way back!

One might have expected the exchange to be awkward, but it was exactly the opposite! All three of the girls who rode with me were incredibly kind, sweet and easy going. All of the girls were on time when I picked them up, and by the end of the trip, I felt like I had made three new friends! The bonus was that all of the girls were really chatty, so the drive flew by!

Aside from making new friends and having company in the car, I was also able to offset a HUGE chunk of the cost of using RelayRides. I made $90 from driving 3 girls. I estimate that I could have covered the entire cost of RelayRides if I filled both of my cars for both trips!

I guess the lesson from all of this is that the sharing economy is not only good for our neighbors and our environment; it’s good for our wallets too. Getting creative with these services can help you save even more money and feel good about what you’re doing for the community too.

Thanks for sharing Christa! If you have a story that you want to share, please send your Zimride story from the road to community@zimride.com!

Happy Travels,

Your Zimride Crew

Stories from the Road: Zimdad

We asked for Dads from the Zimride community to share stories of why they Zimride. Today we share Jose’s story from the road in honor of Father’s Day:

Every kid wants to spend time with their dad just as much as every dad
wants to spend time with their kid. Zimride made family time a regular
pastime for me despite a 400 mile gap. In order to be a better role
model and provide for my boys Diego and JJ, I decided to go back to
school. As a father, the Berkeley to Ventura County commute was
extremely important, yet the price of gas, time on the road, and the
excessive wear on my car made my trips difficult and less frequent as
I wanted.

Then one day I found a flyer on campus telling me that I could meet
new people and save on gas when driving down to LA. I was very excited to find out that not only could I commute more often because of
Zimride, but I was also proud that I was helping to reduce pollution
and traffic through an awesome rideshare program.

I’m a big fan of Zimride, because not only was I able to be closer to
my family, but also because I was also able to meet new people who I
still share a friendship with to this day. Zimride works to resolve so
many commuting challenges, gives you an opportunity to meet new
people, and helps to save the environment one Zimride at a time. Thank
you Zimride team!

Your fans,
Jose, JJ, and Diego

If you have a story that you want to share, please send your Zimride story from the road to community@zimride.com!

Happy Father’s Day,

Your Zimride Crew

Stories from the Road: True Love Travels

Deyanira and Lauren

During the UC Santa Cruz fall quarter of 2010 my drives home to Southern California were ridiculous. Deyanira (in the left of the picture), the other half of my serious relationship, lived in the heart of Orange County. $45 bucks on gas each way literally sliced my wallet in half – but I had to do it. The love of my life lived almost seven hours away – and I was determined to do anything to make it work. All I can remember from those two and half months was racing out of my last class of the week, buying two Redbulls, and hitting the road. The gas killed me, but the look on her face right after midnight was soooo worth all the leg cramps and twitching eye-sockets. It was worth the drive every time and I couldn’t complain.

Then sometime later, a billowing, gorgeous blue flyer on campus stole my attention – “Sell the seats in your car, save gas, share the ride.” Could this be real? I signed up on Zimride within five minutes. I posted a ride offer to Orange County for that next Thursday. Three seats in my car had been sold less than twenty-four hours after posting – 30 bucks each way for four passengers varying between one way and round trips. I quickly did the math and thought to myself “$180 total! Holy crap! How did I not know about this before?”

I loved my first Zimride. Three other UCSC students and I were all headed to SoCal – they kept expressing their gratitude for the ride. Little did they know, I was way more thrilled than they to be making so much dinero. My gas was covered completely, and I even had some left over to take my lady out on a moon-kissed date. This same excitement continues on every single Zimride. With all the cash and smiles, how could it not?!

To make a long story short – Deyanira moved up a month after that first Zimride. I’d like to think it was all the energy I put into seeing her so often and making so many trips to SoCal. After all, long-distance relationships are more than geographically “long-distanced” – you really have to find a way to remain as close together as those first few months of puppy love. Since the move, we have driven down to SoCal to visit her and my family (February 2011 to March 2012) at least THIRTY-TWO times!

Thanks for the story Lauren! Any guesses on how much Lauren has made? Check out her Driver Tips to learn her secrets of being an awesome Zimrider. If you have a story that you want to share, please send your Zimride Story from the Road to community@zimride.com!

-Your Zimride Crew