Stories from the Road: Birds of a Feather Zimride Together

Today’s Story from the Road by Shad shows how his Zimrides to Tahoe have helped him save on gas and make new friends.

I work for a large company with tens of thousands of employees, so Zimride and Facebook actually helped me find rideshare buddies I would not have thought of. Also, use of the Zimride referral link breaks the ice and turns us onto the idea of sharing our resources rather than clogging the roads with more cars. It also keeps us from draining our wallets of money we would rather spend on skiing and boarding equipment like new boots and helmets.

One of my riders was a repeat from a previous Zimride who as it turns out skis pretty much at my level (i.e. gnarly stuff). I arranged to pick him up at the Larkspur Landing Ferry for our Zimride to Lake Tahoe, and it turned out someone else found me on Zimride that wanted to ride with me using the very same ferry. What are the odds! While waiting for the ferry to arrive with my passengers, a third passenger contacted me to ride from Sacramento to South Lake Tahoe, which was perfect because we had just enough room for one more person. The Zimride communication features were perfect for coordinating rides because each of them could see what they were getting into. They had time to lookup my profile and my vehicle to decide whether it was appropriate for them. And there was zero tension about when we would arrive and who would pay for gas, food, etc. That right there made the ride an absolute blast. One of my passengers turned out to be an experienced back-country snowboarder with amazing stories about ski areas all over the United States. I’d pay to hear the things he shared with us. Great stuff!!!

Our 4-1/2 hour drive seemed like it flew by in half that time. 🙂

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Stories from the Road – Pay It Forward

It’s no secret that posting your seats on Zimride can earn you a few extra bucks. It may not buy you a trip to Spain, but it can go further than you think. Meet Helen and Sarah. These two SF natives showed us how Zimriders take the extra step in spreading good will.

We made some good money by using Zimride to sell seats to our trip to Yosemite and cashed in on the friend referral and the route bonus programs. While it was nice to have extra money, we both realized that we didn’t really need it. Ridesharing introduced us to the world of Collaborative Consumption which inspired us to take action with our extra funds.

We started the Share to Care project with a mission to share the things we own to benefit others. With the extra cash, we buy nutritious, non-perishable food and assemble packets to hand out to the homeless in San Francisco.

Be warned, this type of generosity can be infectious. For example, on a Zimride from LA, Helen talked about Share to Care with her driver who ended up donating her Zimride route bonus to the project. You too can get involved by Zimriding and donating your proceeds.

To learn more, visit their website or email these awesome ladies at

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Stories from the Road – It’s a Small World After All

Meet Eva. She’s a student at Washington State University. She sent us an incredible story about her first experience using Zimride and the moment she realized it really is a small world after all.

I posted on Zimride because I needed a ride from Pullman, WA to the Spokane Airport to fly home to California for Thanksgiving Break. A University of Idaho student named Ethan responded and drove me and another young woman to the airport.

On the ride to Spokane, Ethan and I got to talking. It turns out he is from a town about an hour away from my hometown in California, and he was headed to the airport to pick up his dad. We were talking about the differences between California, Washington, and Idaho, and I told him that my grandparents have a cabin in Idaho.

Turns out that Ethan had spent the summer backpacking around there with some friends. I was supposed to go with my family over the summer, but had to work while the rest of my family went up. Ethan started to tell me about how he and his friends ran out of food and decided to hitchhike back to their cars.

I smiled and said to him, “if my grandpa had seen you, he would have picked you up because he has an affinity for hitchhikers and loves hearing their stories.” When Ethan started to describe the nice man that picked them up, I was shocked. It turns out, the man who was kind enough to give them a ride WAS my grandpa. In fact, my grandpa brought Ethan and his friends back to our cabin for dinner and they met my whole family. After hearing this, I immediately called my grandpa and he was astonished and delighted to hear who I was sitting next to.

Thank you Eva for sharing your amazing story! Your Zimride experience is the kind that inspires us to grow the Zimride community to help make the world more connected.

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Stories from the Road – Nerding Out

I split my time between LA and SF, driving from one to the other about every three weeks. Before I discovered Zimride, I’d try to carpool with friends, but our schedules hardly ever lined up. So I was spending lots of money on gas, feeling like an environmental disaster, and driving alone most of the time.

Zimride has made my commute so much better. It’s such a user-friendly and efficient system. I hardly have to spend time finding riders, and I can always find people whose schedules match mine. Plus most of the people are friendly, interesting, and care about the world. Really, I’ve been surprised and pleased that almost everyone has been fun, creative, and interesting to talk to.

I once drove with a young art student who was as excited as I was to nerd out about performance-art theory and how the art world works. Recently, I had a great time driving this guy who was into a lot of the same music as me. And another rider turned me on to the podcast “How Did This Get Made?”, which is ridiculous and hilarious. I’ve had so many memorable rides and met so many cool people thanks to Zimride — it has truly made my life better.

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Stories from the Road – Ridesharing 101

Welcome to 2012 Zimriders, did you have a good break? We’ve already heard some great stories from you about your ridesharing adventures over the holidays; we’re so glad we could be a part of it. Here’s one story from a student at University of Wisconsin La Crosse who uses Zimride whenever she gets a break from school:

Zimride has been the best way for me to come home to friends and family. It has been really wonderful to have a reliable place to search for rides in order to be able to visit the people I care about. It makes the hard work at school that much more manageable to be able to travel whenever I get a break.

Also, I’ve noticed that more people are using Zimride regularly, including many students from my school. It has been exciting to see so many more ride options and potential road trips I could take. Now I can always find the rides I need and at a fair price, and I regularly meet new and interesting people along the way.

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