East Coast Launch and 100 Million Dollars Saved

With 200 million miles shared on the Zimride platform, it’s safe to say that
ridesharing is well on its way to becoming a mainstream form of transportation.
Since our 2007 launch, Zimride has grown steadily hitting our 100 million miles
shared milestone last July. One year later, thanks to the Zimride community, we’re proud to announce that we’ve doubled that mark and have passed 200 million miles shared. That’s the equivalent of driving around the world 8,000 times…but more importantly, that’s a savings of over $100 million in car expenses.

Along with this milestone, we’re excited to bring Zimride to the East
Coast, beginning with yesterday’s launch of the New York to Washington DC route.  Just one day later, there are already hundreds of rides posted by new Zimriders.

Thanks to the Zimride community of drivers and passengers for making this launch and milestone possible!

What Zimride Drivers Want

Ever wish you had the ability to read minds? You don’t need a crystal ball to know communication is key for having a fantastic road trip. But what else are Zimride drivers looking for in prospective passengers? We used our ridesharing superpowers to tap into the innermost desires of our Zimride drivers…here’s what they had to say about finding that perfect match.

Share the specifics
Zimride driver posts always show time availability and specific destinations, so it’s the passenger’s responsibility to make sure that their plans match. For example, Mohammed recommends passengers “be direct and honest about where you need to be picked up and dropped off. Stay within the schedule that the driver posts and be honest about how much luggage you have.”

Stick to the schedule
We all know how annoying it can be when that friend is always late. Well, the same goes with the Zimride community. Once the times are confirmed, do your best to be on time. Of course, sometimes a delay is unavoidable, which is why it’s important to keep your driver’s contact information handy. Jian asks you to “call me if there are any delays or if plans change as soon as possible.”

Security in the system
The Zimride community relies on trust. Through Facebook-enabled profiles, recommendations and reviews, both drivers and passengers can learn as much as possible about one another beforehand. Kate always looks to see if passengers have “credible positive feedback and have an active Facebook account.” Not having a developed profile and profile photo can easily dissuade drivers from accepting your booking request. If you’re new to Zimride, you can easily ask your friends to vouch for you  using the recommendations feature.

Another important security feature is the online booking system. Drivers can ensure they receive payment for the ride when the trip is booked ahead of time using Zimride’s simple booking process. Even better, there’s no need to handle an awkward cash transaction once in the car – just sit back, and enjoy the ride. Stay tuned for more tips from the road!

Next time, passengers will share what makes for an awesome Zimride driver.

Happy Travels,
Your Zimride Crew

Stories from the Road: Using Zimride and RelayRides Together

Today’s Stories from the Road is from Zimrider Christa who shared her ZelayRide (Zimride + RelayRides) adventure on her blog. Please stay tuned to her blog and twitter for all her stories.

Father’s Day was coming up on my calendar and I knew that meant it was time to take a trip down to the Central Coast to visit my dad. I’ve been making trips like these every couple of months or so, and a while back I decided to try RelayRides as my mode of transportation.

During my first trip with RelayRides, I borrowed Caterina’s Prius, which had great gas mileage and drove very smoothly. Immediately I felt like I was doing something good for the environment by driving a Prius and borrowing a car from a neighbor rather than a rental company. But after attending a Collaborative Chats panel on car and ride-sharing, I knew I could take it a step further by using a ride-sharing service in conjunction with borrowing a car.

Enter my Zimride/RelayRides experiment. If you haven’t heard of Zimride, it’s a social network for matching individuals who have similar travel destinations and need a ride or are able to give a ride.

To list a ride, I signed up with my Facebook account, entered in where I was going, how much I would like to be paid, and a small description, and waited for the matches to pile in my inbox. I was surprised at how few matches I received in the first week, but by the time my ride came around, Zimride had matched someone to ride with me on the way down and two people to ride with me on my way back!

One might have expected the exchange to be awkward, but it was exactly the opposite! All three of the girls who rode with me were incredibly kind, sweet and easy going. All of the girls were on time when I picked them up, and by the end of the trip, I felt like I had made three new friends! The bonus was that all of the girls were really chatty, so the drive flew by!

Aside from making new friends and having company in the car, I was also able to offset a HUGE chunk of the cost of using RelayRides. I made $90 from driving 3 girls. I estimate that I could have covered the entire cost of RelayRides if I filled both of my cars for both trips!

I guess the lesson from all of this is that the sharing economy is not only good for our neighbors and our environment; it’s good for our wallets too. Getting creative with these services can help you save even more money and feel good about what you’re doing for the community too.

Thanks for sharing Christa! If you have a story that you want to share, please send your Zimride story from the road to community@zimride.com!

Happy Travels,

Your Zimride Crew

Responsiveness Scores Are Here!

Have you been looking for a ride and wondered how long your fellow Zimrider might take to get back to you? We know you do, because you told us. Soon, you’ll have a pretty good idea. Based on that feedback, we’ve developed the new Zimride responsiveness scores, coming soon to all Zimride profiles.

Since making contact is a key step in planning your ride, you’ll now know what to expect when you reach out to a fellow Zimrider. With these magical new profile scores, you can instantly see how often a driver or passenger responds to messages, and how quickly they typically respond — whether it’s a few minutes or a few hours.

Reply Rate
What percent of messages or bookings a Zimrider replies to.

Reply Time (avg)
How quickly a person typically responds to a message or booking.

You’ll also have your own score! Be sure to respond to your messages on Zimride as soon as possible, in order to maintain a high response time and rate. These public profile scores will help improve responsiveness in the community overall – so other Zimriders will be more likely to get back to you faster, too.

If you’ve been so-so about responding to messages in the past, never fear…our new scoring system starts off with a clean slate for everyone, so now is time to step your game up! We’ll be showing your average response time in minutes, and the percentage of messages or bookings you’ve replied to.

We hope the new responsiveness scores are helpful … remember, faster responses make planning travel even easier!

Your Zimride Crew