Stories from the Road: Birds of a Feather Zimride Together

Today’s Story from the Road by Shad shows how his Zimrides to Tahoe have helped him save on gas and make new friends.

I work for a large company with tens of thousands of employees, so Zimride and Facebook actually helped me find rideshare buddies I would not have thought of. Also, use of the Zimride referral link breaks the ice and turns us onto the idea of sharing our resources rather than clogging the roads with more cars. It also keeps us from draining our wallets of money we would rather spend on skiing and boarding equipment like new boots and helmets.

One of my riders was a repeat from a previous Zimride who as it turns out skis pretty much at my level (i.e. gnarly stuff). I arranged to pick him up at the Larkspur Landing Ferry for our Zimride to Lake Tahoe, and it turned out someone else found me on Zimride that wanted to ride with me using the very same ferry. What are the odds! While waiting for the ferry to arrive with my passengers, a third passenger contacted me to ride from Sacramento to South Lake Tahoe, which was perfect because we had just enough room for one more person. The Zimride communication features were perfect for coordinating rides because each of them could see what they were getting into. They had time to lookup my profile and my vehicle to decide whether it was appropriate for them. And there was zero tension about when we would arrive and who would pay for gas, food, etc. That right there made the ride an absolute blast. One of my passengers turned out to be an experienced back-country snowboarder with amazing stories about ski areas all over the United States. I’d pay to hear the things he shared with us. Great stuff!!!

Our 4-1/2 hour drive seemed like it flew by in half that time. 🙂

Thanks to Shad for sharing his story! If you have a story that you want to share, please send your Zimride Story from the Road to!

-Your Zimride Crew

Zimride Profiles Get a Makeover

While you were home enjoying the holidays with friends and family, we cooked up new and improved Zimride profiles. They’re packed with awesome features to help you put your best face forward and get a better look at what your fellow Zimriders are all about.

Facebook Integration
Too busy to fill out your profile? Sign into Zimride through Facebook and get instant profile personalization. And don’t worry, you can always modify what people see, and we’ll never share your Facebook information with third parties.

Verified Affiliations
Build trust by letting the community know what networks you’re a member of. Your new profile will show a list of your verified networks so other Zimriders know you’re who you say you are.

Not only have we made profile pics larger to better show off your pretty smile, we’ve now made it possible for drivers to share a pic of their sweet rides.

More Personal Info
Now you can share more personal info so you have a better chance at finding like-minded and compatible Zimriders. In addition to personal details like work, hometown and favorite music, now you can show your age, education, and interests.

As Zimride continues to grow, we are committed to empowering our community to make the best choices for them. The more ridesharers the merrier, and the more info on a profile the easier it is to choose the best ride for you! Have feedback about our profile makeover? Please let us know at

Happy Travels,
The Zimride Crew

Zimride Tip #1: Attract More Matches

Sharing a ride through Zimride can be like online dating. It’s important to find the best match for you, but that can be tough when you’re dealing with so many fish in the sea. Luckily, Zimride has created a ridesharing system that takes the awkward out of booking a ride with a stranger. But it’s up to you to put your best face forward and that means personalizing your profile so you can catch more ridesharers. The following are a few tips to improve your profile to get the most out of the Zimride network:

1. Upload a profile photo:
Come on, show us your pretty mug. A smile goes a long way to let people know you’re real and friendly. And users are more likely to book a ride with someone they can see than with a mystery person.

2. Personalize Your Page:
If you share your pic, your interests, and other personal info, other users will be more likely to share with you. Share your story to share more rides.

3. Connect via Facebook:
This is the quickest way to fill out your profile with all the juicy details that will make your page more appealing to other users. Zimriders can also see that you are part of a verified network and display your mutual friends.

Stay tuned for more useful tips from Zimride on this blog or ask us for help directly at

Happy Travels,
Your Zimride Crew

American Road Trip (and commute) Reborn with Zimride

Today marks the day 100 million miles have been traveled among users in the Zimride network. This massive milestone demonstrates the beginning of a reborn American road trip and commute. This comes at a time when AAA is reporting a decrease in July 4th travel due to high gas prices. Consumers are looking for easy ways to cut down their gas costs and sharing the ride is the simplest ways reduce this expense. Over the last 3 years, Zimride drivers and passengers have saved $50 million in vehicle operating expenses.

The 100 millionth mile was driven by Lauren Vargas, a student at UCSC on her way to Los Angeles. Zimride is awarding Lauren free gas money for the month of July. We notified Lauren today over the phone and she told us, “I’ve had 8 really great Zimride experiences getting paid more than $600 driving down to LA and back to school. In fact, the cost effectiveness made it possible for me to maintain a relationship in LA. Additionally, I re-connected with a friend from middle school and now hang out with him on a regular basis thanks to our Zimride!”

Today we are also excited to announce our 100th client network. Zimride networks now include all 10 schools in the University of California system, Stanford, Harvard, Facebook and Intuit. These milestones brings us one step closer to creating a nationwide marketplace for drivers to monetize the empty seats in their vehicles by selling them to passengers who are traveling along the same route. Check out the sweet infographic below that our designer Marc put together to celebrate the occasion.

Here are a few more details on the recent milestones:

  • 100 clients / networks
  • 100 million miles shared
  • $50 million in vehicle operating expenses
  • 26,706 carpools formed
    • 44% are commutes that result in an avg. of 200 daily round trips
    • 56% are long distance trips that average 175 miles each way
  • Zimride has also partnered with several artists including Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews Band and Sheryl Crow to provide ridesharing to their events

To join our team in creating a transportation revolution, check out our jobs page and drop us a line.

A variation of this post was also featured on TechCrunch Friday, July 1.

Zimride 100 Infographic