Zimride’s Daily Gas and iTunes Giveaway

I’ll admit; I’m one of those guys who will drive across the highway for gas because it’s 2 cents cheaper. What can I say? Paying for gas and music stinks.  When I pull into the station and watch that number tick tick tick up to $50+, my mood usually takes a turn for the worse. Don’t even get me started on my iTunes bill.

However, I LOVE when people volunteer to pay for my gas. To be quite honest, that’s one of the main things that made me realize Zimride was going to totally change transportation. I could literally let someone else pay for my gas…on every roadtrip.

While we were brainstorming how to get more people to post trips on our site, the answer was clear as day. Hit’m where it hurts me the most: The pump. Let’s give away gas because we’re tired of seeing people throw their wallets at the tank.

Today, we’re launching the Zimride’s Daily Gas and iTunes Giveaway. We’ll be giving away 14 tanks of gas to 14 winners in 14 days. No more sulking about the price of Texas Tea. When’s the next time someone’s going to pay for your gas or the music for your next trip? At Zimride, we like to pay it forward.

How to Participate:
• Complete the entry form HERE.
• Winner will be chosen and announced on Facebook and Twitter every day.
Terms and conditions for the giveaway

Good luck and let the Daily Gas & iTunes Giveaway begin!

Your Zimride Crew