Meet Zac, Our Tahoe Route Expert

Before joining Zimride, I co-founded the band Hot Buttered Rum and spent ten years traveling around the country in a vegetable oil powered tour bus. In the process of playing nearly 200 shows a year and teaching people how to run their diesel vehicles on grease, I also became quite familiar with the interstate highway system.

Now, as Zimride’s Director of Lake Tahoe Route Development, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to decrease the impact that cars have on the environment while transforming driving into a shared and social experience. I have always felt that our current transportation system needed reinventing, and Zimride has shown me how that’s possible.

Growing up in Oakland, California, I have travelled the I-80 to Lake Tahoe for ski trips for more than 30 winters. I love this place, and so do the 3 million plus visitors that come to Lake Tahoe every year. While tourism is great for Tahoe’s economy, the pollution from cars traveling there is threatening the pristine natural beauty that attracts people in the first place.

Of Tahoe’s annual visitors, 77% get there in a private vehicle with most of those cars having at least one empty seat. That’s a whole lot of cars with a whole lot of empty seats causing a whole lot of traffic and carbon emissions. Not to mention that gas prices are out of control and driving alone is totally boring.

Zimride is the solution. Ridesharing to Tahoe is the most efficient way to save money and help keep it beautiful. Plus, it’s a great way to meet new skiing buddies. So, next time you’re headed to the slopes, stop by first.

Happy Travels!
Zac Matthews
Director of Route Development, SF->Lake Tahoe