Stories from the Road: Zimdad

We asked for Dads from the Zimride community to share stories of why they Zimride. Today we share Jose’s story from the road in honor of Father’s Day:

Every kid wants to spend time with their dad just as much as every dad
wants to spend time with their kid. Zimride made family time a regular
pastime for me despite a 400 mile gap. In order to be a better role
model and provide for my boys Diego and JJ, I decided to go back to
school. As a father, the Berkeley to Ventura County commute was
extremely important, yet the price of gas, time on the road, and the
excessive wear on my car made my trips difficult and less frequent as
I wanted.

Then one day I found a flyer on campus telling me that I could meet
new people and save on gas when driving down to LA. I was very excited to find out that not only could I commute more often because of
Zimride, but I was also proud that I was helping to reduce pollution
and traffic through an awesome rideshare program.

I’m a big fan of Zimride, because not only was I able to be closer to
my family, but also because I was also able to meet new people who I
still share a friendship with to this day. Zimride works to resolve so
many commuting challenges, gives you an opportunity to meet new
people, and helps to save the environment one Zimride at a time. Thank
you Zimride team!

Your fans,
Jose, JJ, and Diego

If you have a story that you want to share, please send your Zimride story from the road to!

Happy Father’s Day,

Your Zimride Crew