Zimride Profiles Get a Makeover

While you were home enjoying the holidays with friends and family, we cooked up new and improved Zimride profiles. They’re packed with awesome features to help you put your best face forward and get a better look at what your fellow Zimriders are all about.

Facebook Integration
Too busy to fill out your profile? Sign into Zimride through Facebook and get instant profile personalization. And don’t worry, you can always modify what people see, and we’ll never share your Facebook information with third parties.

Verified Affiliations
Build trust by letting the community know what networks you’re a member of. Your new profile will show a list of your verified networks so other Zimriders know you’re who you say you are.

Not only have we made profile pics larger to better show off your pretty smile, we’ve now made it possible for drivers to share a pic of their sweet rides.

More Personal Info
Now you can share more personal info so you have a better chance at finding like-minded and compatible Zimriders. In addition to personal details like work, hometown and favorite music, now you can show your age, education, and interests.

As Zimride continues to grow, we are committed to empowering our community to make the best choices for them. The more ridesharers the merrier, and the more info on a profile the easier it is to choose the best ride for you! Have feedback about our profile makeover? Please let us know at support@zimride.com.

Happy Travels,
The Zimride Crew

Stories from the Road – Ridesharing 101

Welcome to 2012 Zimriders, did you have a good break? We’ve already heard some great stories from you about your ridesharing adventures over the holidays; we’re so glad we could be a part of it. Here’s one story from a student at University of Wisconsin La Crosse who uses Zimride whenever she gets a break from school:

Zimride has been the best way for me to come home to friends and family. It has been really wonderful to have a reliable place to search for rides in order to be able to visit the people I care about. It makes the hard work at school that much more manageable to be able to travel whenever I get a break.

Also, I’ve noticed that more people are using Zimride regularly, including many students from my school. It has been exciting to see so many more ride options and potential road trips I could take. Now I can always find the rides I need and at a fair price, and I regularly meet new and interesting people along the way.

A big thank you to Harmony for her story. Make sure to read the stories from Jane and Julianna. If you have a story you want to share, please send your Zimride Story from the Road to community@zimride.com!

– Your Zimride Crew

Zimride Tip #1: Attract More Matches

Sharing a ride through Zimride can be like online dating. It’s important to find the best match for you, but that can be tough when you’re dealing with so many fish in the sea. Luckily, Zimride has created a ridesharing system that takes the awkward out of booking a ride with a stranger. But it’s up to you to put your best face forward and that means personalizing your profile so you can catch more ridesharers. The following are a few tips to improve your profile to get the most out of the Zimride network:

1. Upload a profile photo:
Come on, show us your pretty mug. A smile goes a long way to let people know you’re real and friendly. And users are more likely to book a ride with someone they can see than with a mystery person.

2. Personalize Your Page:
If you share your pic, your interests, and other personal info, other users will be more likely to share with you. Share your story to share more rides.

3. Connect via Facebook:
This is the quickest way to fill out your profile with all the juicy details that will make your page more appealing to other users. Zimriders can also see that you are part of a verified network and display your mutual friends.

Stay tuned for more useful tips from Zimride on this blog or ask us for help directly at support@zimride.com.

Happy Travels,
Your Zimride Crew

Partner Showcase – Associated Students of Stanford University

Eileen is a Zimride administrator at Stanford University. The Associated Students of Stanford University (ASSU) implemented the Zimride Shuttle Program at Stanford this year to make transportation for students more convenient and affordable. Check out what she has to say about Zimride:

A couple of years ago, we had a shuttle service for students going to the airport, but we found the service to be expensive and generally unsustainable.

This year, we decided to use Zimride because the interface was super user-friendly and efficient. It’s so easy because of the exportable rosters, detailed maps, and instructions which are essential features to effectively address a huge number of students, especially during peak travel times like winter break.

Students have also been saying that they enjoy Zimride because of it’s well-designed interface and helpful features, such as the quick and secure payment system. The system makes it clear how many rides are left on shuttles, which makes it easier for students and the administrators to coordinate shuttles.

Thank you Eileen for your feedback! We love that you’re able to make students lives better through Zimride.

-Your Zimride Crew

And the Winner Is…

iPad - Zimride Style
…Jenn, a college student from Appalachian State University! Jenn was kind enough to share with us why she started using Zimride:

I live 6 hours away from school so I thought it’d be a cool way to meet people and give them a ride if they needed one since it’s such a long drive. And being able to have people help with gas saves everyone in the long run because for me it’s $100 minimum one way.

Thanks to all of you who participated in the Zimride Thanksgiving contest for a free iPad! We had an amazing response with over 16,000 rides posted between Oct. 15th and Thanksgiving. Special thanks to the Zimride driver community for helping thousands of passengers get home to celebrate Thanksgiving with their friends and family.